We offer a year round mowing service. Here in Chattanooga Tennessee the mowing season goes from March up to November. We offer a worry free lawn mowing service. You can count on us to get your lawn mowed and keep it looking sharp. We try to mow all resenditals lawns Monday through Saturday and Industrial or business on Sundays.


Common Situations That Delay Our Service That Are Out Of Our Control.

We have a lot of questions about “What If It Rains?’¬†What we do is keep our schedule the same which means we start where we stopped. That way we can get everyone mowed on a timely basics. We can’t be mowing in East Brainerd and just stop and drive to East Ridge and then drive back. Waist time and delays the quality service we provide.

Breakdowns that can stop a speeding bullet.

Lawn mowers break down sooner or later. When that happens It may slow us down by 3 to 4 yards a day but, we will just have to work longer. We have back up mowers to help us keep on going. Last year we replaced a whole engine that cost $2600 on a mower.

As you know vehicles break down all the time sooner or later and that can delay the service we provide by one day if it is serious. So we have a back up truck and trailer to keep on trucking.

Crazy storms can cause serious delays with service. Trees down everywhere, flooding, road blocks, ice, snow, or interstate back ups.

Somebody dies like me. I will be a no show if that happens. Family member dies. My rich uncle dies. I win the Power ball lottery, lots of cash falls from the sky, or I dig up a hope diamond. You know it will have to be serious.

Sometime we may get sick and have to take some time to rest but we always will have someone else to show up and keep the service going.